Mr. Eduardo Bailetti holds a faculty appointment in Carleton University. He will be teaching Technology Entrepreneurship for the graduate program (Technology Innovation Management, TIM).

Mr Bailetti has been focus on scaling companies and cross-border businesses. He helped launch the global SERS community ( – a research community that examines what companies did to increase their value to over a billion dollars US in less than 10 years and converts that knowledge into open-source educational resources. His research on Transnational Entrepreneurship was published in the TIM Review ( in September 2018, and he has lectured in multiple training programs in India, Nigeria and Canada over the past two years.

Mr Bailetti is the Founder and CEO of ScaleCamp (, a company that specializes in training entrepreneurs to significantly increase company value early and rapidly. ScaleCamp was founded on the belief that high-quality and practical knowledge, tools and guidance should be accessible and affordable for entrepreneurs globally. Its existence enables the formation of sustainable cross-border bridges for trade and collaboration, and enables entrepreneurs and new company managers to increase judgement to make better scaling decisions.

Mr. Bailetti remains connected to both the worlds of practice and theory in business and technology information management. Using theory to power real-world decision making, and real-world experience to strengthen theory.
Mr. Bailetti earned a Master of Entrepreneurship degree in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University.
Mr. Bailetti hold a Bachelor degree in Economics from Carleton University.