(Edited By: GCA Professional Services Group)

Mr. K.K. Ip, Executive Director of GCA Professional Services Group (“GCA”) and Vice President of Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association (“APPM”) was honoured to be invited by NowTV for the interview regarding Hong Kong’s role in the Belt and Road Initiative and GCA’s experience in Dubai and the Middle East. The news programme was aired on 19 December 2016 at NowTV Business News Channel.

The economy and finance in Dubai are closely connected with religion. As the first-ever Hong Kong professional financial services provide in Dubai, Mr. Ip shared the challenges when nurturing the company’s first Islamic bond, commonly termed Sukuk, which is about to launch soon. Mr. Ip mentioned that, because of the specific requirements of Sukuk that both the investment principle and the structure of the Sukuk must be in compliance with Sharia and also the significant obstacles in tax and law issues, it takes more time for foreigner than Dubai’s local banks to issue a bond. As the bond is about to be launched, Mr. Ip is confident in developing business Dubai.

GCA is a leading provider of corporate and consultancy services and the first Hong Kong professional financial services company establish branch in the Middle East, Dubai. Over the years, we have worked with their trading and business development in overseas high potential markets. Our highly experienced business consultancy expertise is capable to provide professional services and we could be your desirable investment partner.