Wealth & Legacy Centre

Background & Objective

After 30 years of economic reform of Mainland China, many privately-owned enterprises become global enterprises. In coming ten years, it will be the key moment for Chinese family business succession and management handover period; however it is not an easy task under the dynamic business environment. According to global research showing that the average life span of family business is only 24 years, in which only 30% can be transferred to the second generation, and even 12% to the third generation. The life span of Chinese family business may be even shorter. Succession is a system engineering process. To maintain a long lasting enterprise, succession and change-over processes are the fundamentals. Comprehensive business succession planning is essential to business sustainability.

The objective is to explore solutions and research for family business management and development. It also helps to cultivate a team of innovative business leaders, professional managers, and successors who can cater to international development and change. The research Centre comprises of interdisciplinary professionals and scholars, Asia Pacific Think Tank, management consultants, lawyers, accountants, bankers and financial planners. They provide tailor-made services by combination of different resources.


Committee members

The Committee consists a team of professionals:
Mr. Peter Yip – Chairman of APPM,
Mr. David Cai – Deputy Chairman & Secretary of APPM,
Mr. Kenneth Wong, Chairman of Wealth Management Committee of APPM,
Professor. Kelvin KF Chan, Hong Kong PolyU
Dr William Wong, Management Consultant
Mr. Michael Ma, Accountant,
Mr. Howard Chen-Lawyer
Mr. Kevin Huang-Lawyer
Ms. Amy Lei-Lawyer
Ms Cindy Cheung, Private Banker
Ms Winnie Cheng, PR consultant
Mr. Ken Chiu, Corporate Banker.


Seminars & Conferences (half day or one day)

Topic 1: Selection and Training of Family Business Successors
Topic 2: How to improve the success ratio of Chinese business succession
Topic 3: Wealth management and succession planning
Topic 4: Strategy of business succession
Topic 5: Strategic planning for Quantization of Business Capital
Topic 6: Highlights of PRC Marriage and Succession Law
Topic 7: Financial & Tax Planning for family business and the members
Topic 8: Strategy and Change Management for business development
Topic 9: Wealth Succession & Family Trust
Topic 10: Corporate culture and Value Succession


Family Business Consultant Certification Program (8 days)

The program duration is 2 full days in weekend every month and program will be completed in 4 months.

Module 1: Strategy for business succession
Module 2: Selection and Training of Family Business Successors
Module 3: Financial & Tax Planning for family business and members
Module 4: Wealth Management & Succession Planning
Module 5: Risk Management for Business Wealth
Module 6: Wealth Succession & Family Trust
Module 7: Business development strategy & Change management
Module 8: Corporate culture and Value Succession


Family Business Succession Assessment Services(1 day)

On-site assessment service, status report for business succession, succession proposal and action plans in regards to corporate culture, relationship, knowledge base, wealth management, shareholding and corporate structure.

Topic 1 : Succession assessment report
Topic 2 : Leadership style assessment
Topic 3 : Management Team assessment


Family Business Succession Consultancy Services

We offer array of services to Business founder, successors, professional managers and family business members.

Our services include selection and training of successors, Wealth Management & Wealth Protection Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning, Domestic and international tax planning & compliance, Corporate governance including family council, family constitution, Structure of the board of directors, Acquisition & Merger.


Wealth & Legacy Centre

Family Office

Family office setup services including Family wealth management, training of second generation, career planning of family members, promoting family harmony and administrative support for family affairs.


For enquiries, please contact secretariat@apac-pma.com