Our board of honourable advisors is comprised of a diverse and multicultural group of academic, business, professional, and community leaders in Canada. Our advisors bring different levels of management experience in various fields, such as (but not limited to) business administration management, organisational management, financial management, technology information management, project management, scale management, digital transformation management, human resource management, and change/risk management.

Some have many academic qualifications, others have a wealth of hands-on business experience, while some are young innovators with a fresh perspective. Our board has a great balance of academic knowledge, practical experience, and innovative forward-thinking to add value to our organization and our community of members.

In 2020, we partnered with ShenZhen Academy of Professional Managers to develop an “International Professional Managers Acquisition Certificate” to accredit the Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Certificates in both China and Canada. We are excited to provide unique talent training to different levels of professional managers. The professional managers will gain the knowledge of global management theories, frameworks and systems, and learn how to integrate the theories into practicum.

Managers not only learn how to implement, manage, analyze, develop, and evaluate their businesses and organisations, but they will also develop the global insights and worldwide knowledge to compile into their businesses and organisations.  The training will also aim to reinvent the characteristics of western education: We will bring to the course how to keep an open mind, fresh eyes, objective reasoning, non-judgmental attitude, and willingness to learn and ask questions. Our training develops a creative, imaginative, innovative, and inspired mind to tackle the challenges of global business environments and competitive internal commercial situations.

Our inclusive board is composed of seasoned senior managers in academic and business fields, practical businessmen and women who integrate management theory into practical environments, and young and innovative entrepreneurs with fresh eyes in management. These different skills and expertise are definitely an asset to developing the context of the Certificates.

We are collaborating with ShenZhen Academy of Professional Managers to promote and create a fair and trusty accredited system; including the course content, examination process, professional training, and certificate governance.

We are committed to working with ShenZhen Academy of Professional Managers to enhance and demonstrate the value of our organisation: “Bridging the East and the West, Building International Friendship and Talent Acquisition.”                  202007