2018-05-23  APPM Secretariat


Being the leading force in Asia Pacific region, together with the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the strategic development plan, the “Belt and Road Initiative”, China will be an investment hub. At the same time, Canada’s start-up is going to enhance their competitiveness around the business world. On 4 May 2018,CPMA President Vivian Chan and Vice President Nary Lee Visited to the “Technology Innovation Management “(TIM) Program Carleton University in Canada with APPM HongKong President Peter Yip.They  shared “How to go international for Start-ups” in the Asia Pacific Innovation and Start-up Forum.With Dr. Tony Bailetti director TIM Program and the start-up international.


Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association (APPM) was established in Hong Kong in 2013 with a mission to promote leadership excellence in the Asia Pacific region. It takes a leading role to support the China Professional Managers Associations’ Alliance (with more than 100 Associations in China) to develop more future leaders. Therefore, APPM are going to work closely with CPMA members including different business leaders, start-ups, associations from Canada to achieve the resources integration.


Dr Tony Bailetti, the Director of Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) master’s program, was appointed as APPM Think Tank Adviser


There are 8 local start-up companies introduced their business model and background to APPM President, Peter Yip and APPM Canada President, Vivian Chan


“Around the world, relationships are important,” said by APPM President, Peter Yip. “But in Asia, they’re especially important. It takes time to learn. Without relationships, many companies — even if they have a chance to do business in China — are not easy to make money.  It’s a totally different story there.


APPM are going to establishing an advanced, competence-based international certification, develop regional professional managers exchange program, establish International Academy and launch the “Annual Regional Professional Managers Blue Book”. Besides, fostering excellence professional managers with global vision and promoting the development of professional managers and corporates in Asia Pacific region contribute to the regional economic development.