Peter Yip, Chairman of Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association was interviewed by ATD TV on May 23, 2016 in Denver, Colorado, USA

Peter Yip shared that leadership is a choice. A leader needs to have passion and is willing to take responsibility and sacrifice. A leader needs to continue learning, reflect, create a learning culture and drive an innovative and change-adaptive organization.



Peter Yip (5th from left), Rob Green (4th from left), Chair of ATD and Tony Bingham (6th from left), President & CEO of ATD and other Asia Delegates



10,200 attendees in 2016 ATD Conference, coming from 83 Countries



Peter Yip participated in ATD 2015-2016 Awards Ceremony and Reception



Peter Yip2nd  from left) and HK Awardees, including MTR representative (1st from left) and Bella representatives (1st and 2nd from right)



Peter Yip invited different Sponsors and Guest Speakers to join 2016 China Professional Managers International Conference in Beijing